“I can attest from knowing Melody personally, for many years, that she is as committed to doing the inner work as she is to facilitating it. And to me that is the sign of a true and trustworthy teacher. I personally don't know anyone more qualified to hold a space for healing, as well as articulate fundamental and well informed tools for recovery and personal growth. Melody is able to facilitate a transformational space that speaks to purpose in ALL ways using the tools of yoga, meditation and clinical psychology that provide true embodied and emotional skills that can change the way in which you not only see your body, but also the way in which you see your true Self and the world around you.  

Melody is qualified in a way that others attempting to do this work are not. She has a collection of skills from embodied practices, to metaphysical and spiritual inspiration, to psychological tools that combine mind-body-spirit, that empower the individual to do the inner work to reframe their narrative and make real, long lasting change and shifts in consciousness. She can responsibly take people on these transformational journeys in a way that other teachers cannot and should not. Whether it's about students’ emotional health, wellness, or addiction, or if they are looking to move towards personal empowerment, a relationship to the God of their understanding, Melody blends spirituality with psychology to allow student’s experience to be more embodied and, therefore, more sustainable. In addition, she has an accepting and playful nature that makes what can be an uncomfortable process of healing actually feel enjoyable, enthusiastic and exciting”.

-Seane Corn, Internationally renowned yoga instructor, co-founder, Off the Mat, Into the World

“There have been only a few times my life I have met a woman who is completely at home and at peace in her being, in her skin, and who then radiates out, just by being alive, the essence of being. Of presence. Melody is one of those women. She then takes that hard won presence and channels it into her retreats, her on-line courses, her talks, her life, with dignity, humor, authenticity, and most of all, relevance to the struggles and challenges of being a woman in a body doing her best to live a life of purpose and beauty. “

-Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort and The Life Organizer

Dr. Melody Moore is that rare person gifted with the ability to present transformational teachings grounded in both science and spirit, and which come from both direct experience and exhaustive study.  Her perspectives and practical tools are a salve to so many people on the path of recovery from trauma and addiction.”

-Tommy Rosen, Founder, Recovery 2.0

“Melody is a one-of-a-kind facilitator of breakthrough change - the kind of change that transforms everything in your life. She brings the expertise of a doctor, the passion of an activist and the touch of an artist to all of her experiences - inspiring personal transformation that is deep, beautiful and long-term. While some leaders teach transformation, Melody lives it. Her wisdom and insight are hard fought and from the heart. If you are serious about leading from the heart, get ready - Melody’s work will unleash a potential for love and leadership that you never thought possible”.

-Kerri Kelly, founder, CTZNWELL

Dr. Melody Moore is an incredible teacher who dives into interdisciplinary collaborations with incredible experience paired with an open mind and a commitment to understand. Intuitive, empathetic, and brilliant, she elevates not only the work being done, but also those doing it.

-Lauren Fleshman, Professional Athlete, Founder, WILDER, Co-founder, Picky Bars

"It is rare to find someone who has penetrating intellect and yet leads everything she does from the heart. Melody Moore is such a person. As a facilitator, she brings the perfect combination of playful and professional, gentle and fierce. It's such a privilege to work with Melody because her presence is disarming and human and inspires trust, which allows groups to go deeply, quickly. She is an absolute gem of a human being who is doing profoundly healing and much-needed work in the world."

-Jay Fields, Teaching People Not Poses and Home in Your Body, Teacher Trainer at Awakened Heart Yoga

Working beside Melody has been one of my more unique and special experiences to date. Melody’s energy is not just contagious it is luminous. It somehow gets under your skin and seeps its way into your heart – encouraging you to dig deep, excavate your way through the dark spaces, and connect with strengths that you may be afraid to unleash. She invites you to consider a different lens, embrace new perspective, and invoke parts of yourself that have been hiding. She is a force, it’s true. More special, however, is her ability to make you feel like you are one too.”

-Lara Pence, Psy.D., CEDS, Executive Director, Embody Love Movement

“Melody Moore is an inspiring teacher, presenter and community leader. She has the rare ability to communicate tremendous knowledge in ways that are widely accessible, immediately useful, and shared with a sense of love and compassion that create ease and receptivity. It’s always a pleasure to work with her and learn from her.”

-Jennifer Cohen Harper, Board President, Yoga Service Council

"Dr. Melody Moore is the real deal.   Her incredible knowledge and skill are only exceeded by her deep love and authentic passion.  It's very rare to find that  combination in one person.  I am so grateful for her stance in this world."


-R.Nikki Myers, Founder, Y12SR: Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Addictions Recovery Specialist

When I first learned of the work Melody Moore was doing in the world, something in me knew I had to meet her. Hopping on that plane to Texas for the first Embody Love Facilitator Training was one of the best decisions I've ever made. To be in Melody's presence is to be held in a way that is both safe and empowering. She has this way of creating a loving container to give both the body and heart an opportunity to discover the truth, grace and possibility that lies within.

I have been lucky enough to not only experience her facilitator training, but to also have travelled with her on retreat to Mexico and have witnessed her present at numerous conferences and events. She is not only a gifted teacher and a master space holder, but she is a gift to all those who have the privilege to meet her, hear her and learn from her. I am a better person today because of Melody's support and encouragement to show up fully on the mat, in the work I do, and through my own self growth.

-Karen Gilmour, Port Reading, New Jersey

It was truly like nothing I have experienced before.  Yoga at home isn’t the same, anymore.  I am now able to practice with new words, new thoughts, better instruction, smooth adjustments and an even more open heart.   I recall daily in order to keep it fresh.   The processing experience was insightful.  It had never occurred to me to dig deeper and process before age 5.  I have greater insight and excited for even more healing going forward.   I appreciate this experience so much.

-Brandy Whitmire, Dallas, TX

Every time I have left Melody's presence, whether it be having taken a yoga class from her or learning from her in a workshop where she has shared her abundance of knowledge in the fields of psychology and yoga, I have left feeling a greater sense of presence, peace, and purpose.  Melody lives by her principles of embodying love and inspires that possibility in others; her teaching makes it seem not only possible but achievable that that each individual can live into their potential, ultimately making this world a better place for the collective whole.

-Alex Gandy, Richardson, TX

My experience working with Melody has been inspirational and transformational. Her guidance has helped me ( and empowered me to share with others) the ability to change the negative self talk and create a loving conversation with myself.

-Debbie Valois, East Greenwich RI

Melody is a REMARKABLE teacher – LOVE her DEDICATION and PASSION. She provided useful tools on how to Let Go and Lean In to things which make us be a better person and feel whole through body, mind and spirit. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings with the rest of the ladies and be supported was so COMFORTING and SOUL SOOTHING. I’m so HAPPY and feel like a NEWBORN baby. Letting go of the things/ideas that no longer serve me made me feel 100lbs lighter.  Now I’m constantly reminding myself –BREATHE,  to BE, be PRESENT, there is no rush, you are LOVED and ENOUGH and listen and hold close my inner child!

-Jeanne Reyes, NYC

Melody is a true leader and visionary. Her fearless dedication and commitment to finding and sharing her most authentic self gives permission for others to do the same. Her teachings go far beyond the yoga mat, lovingly inspiring others to be brave, to show up, and to become the best versions of themselves.

-Sarah Beston, Manhattan Beach, CA

I can’t see thank you enough for another amazing retreat.  I am grateful to have met you last year.  Signing up for the retreat last year I had no idea who you were or that yoga could be such a life changing tool.  I have come to realize my path and that meeting you was an unexpected gift. I am completely inspired and grateful to have spent another week in with you and an amazing group of women. I appreciate your honesty and most importantly the ongoing love and support you provided.  I learned so many tools that I will continue to take with me in my journey.   To now be connected  and know the stories of so many beautiful women is humbling.

-Amanda Strojny, Portland, Maine

Centering! Practicing with Melody made me realize that I hadn’t taken a yoga class previously that wasn’t competitive in some way. I appreciated Melody’s persisting reminders to not let my ego lead and to prioritize my breath over weather I got a certain pose perfect or not. By the end of the 6 days of yoga, I was finding peace on my yoga mat and not struggle.

When I got home, I looked up Melody’s videos on Yoga Anytime and will be doing more of her practice!


-Paige Lee, Chicago, IL

'Through her wisdom, authenticity, and example, Melody has helped me to realize my limitless potential to love and serve. She has inspired me to rise up into purpose, faith, and forgiveness. Melody lovingly asks that you do the work to let go of your restrictions and lean into all the power of your heart.'

-Maggie H, Chicago, IL

The course of my life has been profoundly changed through my work with Melody Moore. She is truly the embodiment of all that she so passionately works to inspire in those fortunate enough to learn from her compassion, humor, and grace. I am a more wholehearted, self-assured, and purposeful person because of her guidance and support.

-Caroline Brasch, Dallas, TX

Melody wears many hats — yoga teacher, psychologist, activist, leader, supporter, inspirational badass — and she wears each with the utmost respect and love. It only takes a moment in her presence to know she has something special to share, but she also possesses the unique ability to bring out and celebrate the gifts of others. Knowing her has impacted my life tremendously, and in a myriad of ways, and I am forever grateful.

-Tiffany Denny, Fort Worth, TX