Bring me to teach a fusion of yoga and psychology for your soul at your studio, conference or event!

I offer 2 signature workshop series, Embody Love Yoga and Embody Life Yoga. Each of these classes can be taught in a series or as stand alone workshops. 

Embody LOVE Yoga Workshops

Workshops to Transform your Relationship to Your Body and Life from the Inside-Out

  • Classes Include:
  • The Revolution Begins from the inside Out
  • Belly Wisdom: Trust your Gut
  • Practice as Prayer, Body as Temple
  • Open Possibility: Reclaim your vision for your Life

Embody LIFE Yoga Workshops

Workshops that bring you into enoughness and wholeness on and off the yoga mat

  • Embody Grace: Burn Your Karma
  • Embody Truth: The End of Pretending
  • Embody Love: Your Enoughness is Showing
  • Embody Trust: Life in Alignment
  • Embody Courage: Letting Go and Leaning In
  • Embody NO: Boundaries to Breakthroughs

If you would like to hire me to teach at your studio or conference, please let us know