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I give educational and inspirational talks to audiences that range from college-age women to facilitators, teachers, and therapists.

Request one of the following topics or let’s collaborate on a tailored talk to meet your organization or group’s interests.


The Art of Facilitation: Holding your Center while Holding Space

Perfect for facilitators, teachers, and therapists, this talk anchors the audience in the profound privilege we have to hold space for those we serve and are served by. I share the MOST important skills facilitators need in order to support students with safelyexploring their inner worlds. Over the course of this talk, the audience will tap into what it means to find their own center, stay attuned and offer empathy to students in order to maximize their growth and transformation.


Body Positive: The Impact of Self-Love on Purpose and Possibility

Is your relationship with your body getting in the way of pursuing the things you really want? The benefits of positive body image go far beyond the surface. Finding acceptance for your external shell is not the final step in self-love, it’s simply a prerequisite. When we remove the obstacle of negative body image, and the time, effort, and energy that keeps us locked into limiting beliefs, we open up a world of possibility and a life of meaning. This talk can be presented to women and men of all ages and offers ideas and inspiration for ditching body negativity in order to embrace a life fueled by passion and self-love.


Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery: Mind/Body/Spirit Integration

Disconnection between mind and body are inherent in disordered eating and negative body image. Yoga, including movement, meditation, and breathing, offers a repair of this disconnection and in that, a tool for reclaiming the body and an avenue into recovery.

In this talk, I provide context and offer ways in which healing professionals can assist clients in bridging mind/body/spirit through yoga. Geared towards yoga teachers, facilitator, therapist, and other healers, this talk reaffirms yoga’s value in providing hope and recovery for those struggling with disordered eating.


Dr. Melody Moore is an incredible teacher who dives into interdisciplinary collaborations with incredible experience paired with an open mind and a commitment to understand. Intuitive, empathetic, and brilliant, she elevates not only the work being done, but also those doing it.

-Lauren Fleshman, Professional Athlete, Co-Founder, PICKY BARS, Founder, WILDER

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