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Yoga Journal

A Sequence for Feeling Empowered

Yoga teacher and clinical psychologist Dr. Melody Moore offers a framework for building your own sequence and standing in your power.

National Geographic Magazine

"A Challenge for Girls Today: Moving Beyond 'How Do I Look?'" by Tina Rosenburg

In this article, Dr. Moore's work and the birth of Embody Love Movement is described by the author as an impactful revolutionary social justice movement.

Yoga Journal

Melody Moore: Self-Love + Embracing Your Inner Beauty by Seane Corn

“A clinical psychologist shares how yoga can help people embrace their emotions and embody self-love.”

Yoga Journal

Melody Moore: Healing Yoga, Eating Disorders & Self-Acceptance by Seane Corn

“The only way systematic change is going to occur is if we as individuals take responsibility to create change within ourselves, because then it’s inevitable that systematic change will occur.”

Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine

"Embody Love Movement: The New Revolution is Self-Acceptance" by Dr. Melody Moore

"There are words for this revolution. There is a new conversation. There is a new chair at a new table, and a new possibility for each of us to contribute to creating a world of unconditional love in action". -Dr. Melody Moore

Sweat Equity

Looking Deeply at Yoga and Body Image by Bonnie Lynch

An in-depth interview with Melody Moore, Ph.D., Seane Corn, and Melanie Klein about yoga and body image.

Running on Om

ROO #213: Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore on Changing Eating Disorder Culture in Running

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore explore how to change the culture of body image and eating disorders in running. Lauren has 21 years of experience in competitive racing from high school to professional and a degree in Human Biology with a focus on Women’s Health and Athletic Performance. Dr. Moore is a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorder prevention and recovery and the founder of Embody Love Moment.

Yoga Journal

Eating Disorders: How to have the hard talk by Chelsea Roff

Interviews with Melody Moore, Ph.D., Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Ph.D, and Bo Forbes, Ph.D.

Yoga Journal

The Truth about Yoga and Eating Disorders by Cheslea Roff

“Yoga taught with breath awareness and mindfulness can help patients learn how to regulate and calm difficult emotions rather than repress them through compulsive behaviors, and also to rediscover a sense of joy in their body and self-acceptance. -Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT”

Elephant Journal

Practicing Body Acceptance, Compassion, and Community: A conversation with Dr. Melody Moore by Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein, M.A. interviews Melody Moore, Ph.D. on body acceptance, compassion and community.

Yoga International

How Yoga helps you Love your Body by Linda Sparrow

“Yoga can help you learn to love and accept yourself, but only if you embrace the true meaning of the practice.”

It's All Yoga, Baby

Announcing Yoga and Body Image, the book by Roseanne Harvey

Melody Moore is honored to be one of the contributors of the book, Yoga and Body Image.

A Interview with Jennifer Louden

The Life Navigation Course by Jennifer Louden

Interviewing Dr. Melody Moore, Founder of Embody Love Movement

Daily Mail

Is this the secret to learning to love your body?

Last time Sarah Vine didn’t loathe her figure, she was ten. With unflinching honesty she explains why and how a new blend of yoga and therapy is helping.

Once Bawled in Yoga Class—and Now I Know That's Totally Normal

"When we move our bodies and breathe, it gives us an opportunity to work out that tension. As it releases, so too does the emotional story or baggage."