Embody LOVE Yoga Workshops

Embody LOVE Yoga Workshops

Transform your Relationship to Your Body from the Inside-Out

Does it ever feel like “body acceptance” is a good idea in theory, but actually impossible? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel like you never measure up? Do you ever let the way you feel about your shape or size hold you back from getting what you really want in life? Do you tell yourself that when you’re thinner/leaner/tighter, THEN you’ll be able to get that job/role/date/raise?

Life is too short to play the when/then game with your self-confidence. “Someday” is no way to live (plus, it never comes).

Join Dr. Melody Moore, social entrepreneur, psychologist and yoga teacher, for a powerful weekend to transform your relationship with your body from the inside-out.

Embody Love Yoga uses the best of Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, in an environment that fosters vulnerability, soul seeking, and heart opening, to reveal to you what’s  on the other side of your body insecurities and negativity. Come learn and implement powerful tools to re-image your body so you can use your limited energy to fully inhabit joy and find purpose and meaning in life. No one was put on earth to be thinner, or to look prettier. We all have necessary contributions to make. Through yoga practice, processing, journaling, and meditation, Melody provides a new lens through which to connect with, radically accept, and transform your relationship to your body.

  • The Revolution Begins Within: Beauty from the Inside Out

Have you ever felt like you aren’t attractive/thin/beautiful enough? What if you’ve simply been conditioned to buy into an unattainable beauty standard that is responsible for feeding your insecurities and self-doubt?And if that were true, why purpose would being kept insecure and self-doubting possibly serve? It IS possible to deprogram these destructive ways of thinking once and for all.

Transforming your relationship to your body takes courage and svadhyaya, or self-study, to reflect on the ways you have cosigned on your not-enoughness. Come be gently guided into transforming the way you speak to and treat your body in this workshop that will support you in learning a new vocabulary about who you are, and a new lens through which to weigh your worth.

  • Belly Wisdom: Trust your Gut

Have you ever found yourself staring into the abyss of an empty tub of ice cream and wondered how you got there? Or been so in debt to the doing of your day that you “forgot” to eat, and it’s already 6 PM? What do YOU use to numb or deny the anxiety, anger, sadness and or other discomforts that arise in your life? Food? Alcohol? Shopping? Work? For most of us, the idea of sitting with difficult feelings seems unimaginable; it’s far easier to stay unconscious. And yet, our happiness and peace in life depends on our capacity to be attuned to our deepest emotional needs.

In this workshop, you’ll learn tools to trust the wisdom of your emotions AND the signals of your body, so that you can align your mind, heart, and gut with all that is possible for you. Sitting through discomfort of emotions may feel impossible, but it’s the only way to awaken to your purpose, and to fill your life with meaning. Hint: it’s not all about the food. But it is about the space you can create to choose your responses and trust your gut.

  • Practice as Prayer, Body as Temple

Does your yoga practice ever feel like a double-edged sword, one where you seek peace, but end up finding self-comparison and critique? Does your mind ever tell you that you aren’t “good” at yoga, or that you don’t have a “yoga body”? The good news is that everything we struggle with bubbles up on the mat, which means rather than posing and perfecting shapes with our bodies, we can use our practice to deeply heal.

Come and explore a soulful, spiritual vinyasa flow where we will use the practice as prayer, and our bodies as instruments of devotion. Each salutation will be a dedication, and we will flow with our breath in the present moment, rather than from our striving. You’ll leave connected with your body’s capacity and with a new understanding of the sacred in the practice.

  • Open Possibility: Reclaim your vision for your Life

What would be possible in your life if you were able to escape the trap of body & food fixation to truly accept your size and shape? What would it be like to bring all the hopes and dreams of “someday” into the realm of today? The point of cultivating a positive  body image is not positive body image in and of itself, but rather removing the obstacle of negative thoughts and feelings so that you can be free to live a fully expressed life.

Our weekend culminates in this vision-based workshop, where you’ll connect to your true purpose, from a place of possibility and self-love. Discover what freedom lies ahead so you can manifest your dreams and show up fully for the life you are capable of inhabiting. We all have purpose, we all create change. Come live into yours.