Embody LIFE Yoga Workshops

Embody LIFE Yoga Workshops

Embody life yoga workshop series

Embody Life workshop Series

Welcome to Embody, a philosophy and workshop series designed by Dr. Melody Moore Blending yoga + meditation + psychology, Embody workshops gently but powerfully help you break through the barriers in your mind and heart in a safe and transformative environment.

Have you been trying to think your way into a better life rather than LIVING it? Have you been trying to think and plan and white knuckle your way into the life you want? Have you noticed that certain patterns keep tripping you up no matter what you do? You aren’t broken, but you may need new tools to help you leave those patterns behind once and for all.

It’s your time to break through. Because “Okay” is no way to live.

EMBODY is not your average yoga workshop.

Think of it as Eastern Philosophy meets Western Psychology in a safe, movement-oriented and soul-stirring space. With thousands of hours of experience as a psychologist, trainer, and teacher, you’re in expert hands. Melody has a seasoned gift for seeing what her students need to do to uncover their true joy, authenticity, and possibility.

In each 3-hour Embody workshop you’ll experience a blend of meditation, yoga, experiential learning, journaling, and guided safe conversations that invite breakthroughs and insights into the patterns that hold you back.

Experienced yogi? Unveil the next level in your own growth and development. Come ready to experience something completely new. Teachers, especially, are welcome. Gain new insights and refine your facilitation skills.

Just stepping onto your path of self-knowledge, meditation and yoga? Perfect! You will feel totally welcomed. You don’t need years of experience, only a willing heart and open mind. Melody will safely walk you through the rest. We can’t change anything that we aren’t aware of, so just show up with any amount of courage and you’ll leave feeling more capable of change.

What are you ready to EMBODY?

  • Embody Grace: Burn Your Karma

Maybe it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Are you ready for some ease and creative flow in your life? It’s exhausting living in a prison built of perfectionism, resentment, and shame, pushing vs. allowing.  And that prison is always ready to draw you back in and convince you to lock the door on your true self. Whether you feel stuck in the story of someone wronging you or you feel like you’ve betrayed yourself, freedom is possible.

In this workshop, you’ll flow through a yoga practice, meditate, and process the patterns that serve as barriers to your heart. The prison door is already cracked open - we’ll simply guide you toward releasing what is keeping you from experiencing freedom. You’ll leave with tools you can use forever, knowing the past is something that you can always transform.

  • Embody Truth: The End of Pretending

What are you pretending not to know?

And how can you use yoga and self-compassion to turn towards what is authentic for you?To be on a true spiritual path is to learn how to look at the ways you pretend, deny, and distort reality,  because you know the cost is too high.

In the dynamic Embody Truth workshop, we harness psychology and vinyasa flow to make it safe to reveal your most authentic self to yourself, and then to others. We will explore the connection between integrity and an aligned life, and you will leave this workshop with clarity to move forward with courage.

  • Embody Love: Your Enoughness is Showing

I see it all your complexity and beauty and capacity. Do you? From numbers on scales to bank accounts to clothing labels, society has pitted you against whatever you deem as “better”. But you cannot weigh your worth, and your happiness is not dependent on anything that can be quantified. Positive body image and positive self-image are available here, now.

Bring your whole self to this three hour yoga practice & soul session for an embodied experience that will help you  know, beyond any doubt, that what’s inside of you is and has always been, enough. When you can trust your enoughness, you can create more of the life you want. Start here.

  • Embody Now: Present Perfect

Living in the past or trying to control the future will always throw you off balance and create conditions for stress, depression & anxiety. The place of power and of possibility is always in the right here, right now. Sutra 1.1 says “NOW, the teachings of yoga begin”. That means every moment is a possibility for a new, and a perfect, right now, exactly this.

Come enjoy a transformational yoga practice and deep, supported dive into your mind and heart, so that you can open the gift of the present moment, again and again, to create the life you desire out of full acceptance of the life you have.

  • Embody Trust: Life in Alignment

Sometimes the hardest person in our lives to trust is ourselves! We seek answers from everywhere but within and end up pulled in all different directions, confused and frustrated. When you’re out of alignment, the energy and choices that could be channeled for what you REALLY want to manifest are wasted on pleasing others, striving for perfection, and procrastinating on your deepest desires.

Just like aligning the wheels on your car,, this workshop will show you exactly how to drop the things that are causing wear and tear in your life and show you how to focus all of your power on what you most value. Through yoga and meditations, you’ll experience the power of tapping into your truth and leave empowered to take risks, receive support, and rock your vision for your life.

  • Embody Courage: Letting Go and Leaning In

Wouldn’t it be fun to stop trying to control everything, and let abundance simply flow in, effortlessly? What do you really want to create? How are you blocking it?  

In this 3 hour workshop on and off the yoga mat, we learn to surrender the illusion of control about past action, potential outcome, and other people’s reactions. We’ll open room to what is available when we are willing to drop the distortion that it’s all up to us. Using yoga philosophy, psychology, and asana practice, come and learn to release that which is holding you back so that you can find courage to lean into what you really want to create in life.

  • Embody NO: Boundaries to Breakthroughs

So often, we feel that our value to others is based on meeting their needs, frequently at our own expense. Abandoning our own needs is  a high price to pay for mental, physical, and emotional health. When we learn to operate from a place of dignity, we grant ourselves full permission  to say “no” to that which pulls us out of self-care and deep life-affirming breath.

In this 3-hour workshop, through the tools of yoga, meditation, and psychology, you will learn to create boundaries that keep you feeling grounded and whole so you can say YES to the things, people, and projects that most light you up!