Embodied Soul Workshops

Embodied Soul Workshops

Are you a mental health professional who treats negative body image and Eating Disorders? Have you been hoping for more tools to guide your clients toward true recovery? I have teamed up with the legendary Dr. Anita Johnston, author of Eating by the Light of the Moon and founder of Light of the Moon Cafe, to offer you Embodied Soul Workshops.


Using Storytelling and Embodied Movement to Treat Eating Disorders

Because of the complex nature of eating disorders and the tremendous suffering involved, therapists are continually challenged to view eating disorders from an ever broader perspective and to find new ways to facilitate healing.   This workshop explores eating disorders from a different point of consciousness: the vantage point of the soul. Viewed from the perspective of the soul, struggles with food and eating can be seen as symbolic of deeper yearnings and longings that are being communicated through the language of the soul: the language of metaphor. Those who struggle attempt to disconnect their bodies from the essence of who they are. Using storytelling, metaphor, embodied movement, and clinical examples, techniques for bringing the needs of the soul, body, and mind into balance will be presented as an approach to treating eating disorders.


Participants will be able to:

1.) Name three levels of operation in which metaphors make a deep connection to the psyche.

2.) List four ways metaphor functions as a change agent in a therapeutic setting.

3.) Name four categories of food cravings that can be used to identify deeper, emotional hungers.

4.) Describe how disregarding the needs of the "soul" and dis-embodiment can contribute to the establishment of eating disorders and negative body image.